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VFE’s overhaul and repair service spans a broad range of commonly used processing equipment so however you want to upgrade your operations, we’re here to help.

As decisions go, choosing to reline your hot zone or upgrade your systems is a relatively simple one in the current climate when budgets are stretched and every outgoing counts.

Overhaul and repair services are one of the best ways you can improve your site’s production capabilities without investing in a whole new suite of new equipment. 

The real decision is who you choose to carry out the work. In this article, find out what kind of refurbishment work VFE carries out and how we operate — both of which will help you to make an informed decision about upgrading your equipment with us or with someone else.

Recognise the three signs that your vacuum furnace could benefit from an overhaul.

How to choose the right provider for the job 

How do you differentiate between providers when they all offer the same service? They might vary in price slightly but you’re already saving big by choosing to repair instead of replace, so rather than racing to the bottom, we recommend you look at two things:

  • the range of equipment the provider can overhaul/repair

  • their values

On the one hand, you need to know the provider actually works with the kinds of equipment you have on-site. So this first point is a practical one: can they upgrade your machines?

The second point is more a question of “what are they like to work with?” If aftercare or quality is important to you, find a provider whose approach reflects this. This will underline your entire experience so it pays to choose a company that clicks with you and your values.

So what kind of refurbishment work does VFE carry out — and what level of service do we offer?

6 ways to overhaul your site with VFE

Reline hot zones

The hot zone is one of the key components of a vacuum furnace. But different types or designs of hot zones possess different properties. For example, did you know a graphite-based hot zone has an especially high level of thermal efficiency?

Even if you keep the same type of hot zone currently in use, there are many benefits to refurbishing it such as significantly reducing the amount of energy it consumes when in operation. Our furnace hot zone relines include graphite, all-metallic, and composite designs.

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Recondition vacuum pumps  

Optimise your vacuum furnace’s efficiency by reconditioning its pumps. Upgrading or repairing your pumps will improve their speed and vacuum levels. As part of the global Busch Vacuum Solutions group of vacuum specialists, you can trust us to repair or upgrade your pumps quickly and professionally, maximising value and minimising downtime.

Upgrade control systems 

Control systems are a great example of technology that moves quickly, opening doors to expanded capabilities or new functionality across your operations. 

“From basic instrumentation replacement to the latest PLC/PC-based supervisory data acquisition (SCADA) packages, control system upgrades play an important role in transparency, accountability, and modern production management.” Adrian Goodbrand, Director of Sales and Marketing, VFE

We offer two cutting-edge control systems as part of our overhaul and repairs service: autoclave management and control systems (AMCS) and furnace management and control systems (FMCS).

Whichever machine you’re upgrading, both solutions provide reliable, accurate, and fast processing together with full traceability and a user-friendly interface, helping you to unlock new efficiencies, quality standards, and savings across your operations.

Carry out a complete overhaul 

24/7 production puts a lot of strain on your machines. In our experience, when downtime increases and output drops, equipment nearing the end of its life is often a leading cause. 

Contrary to popular belief, machines falling into this category don’t always need to be replaced — but they do need more than a new part or a system upgrade. A complete system overhaul combining control system upgrades, new parts, and repairs in order to bring them back to factory condition or the newest models hitting the market will restore them.

We offer these for vacuum furnaces and autoclave ovens as required. 

Learn about our refurbished equipment warranties and what’s covered.

Replace tired/faulty parts with spares

No site should be without access to the parts and spares it needs to carry out repairs in the first place. Whether you bring us in to replace a broken part like for like or upgrade it, access our comprehensive range of vacuum furnace spare parts, backed by an ISO 9001 approved quality assurance system, and commonly used autoclave consumables

This overhaul and repairs service includes the redesign and redevelopment of bespoke spares, so you’re never without the parts you need to keep your operations running.

Detect leaks 

A leak is a prime example of why planned, preventative maintenance is so important. Catch it early and it will never be more than that. Left unchecked, it could bring your entire operations to a halt, not to speak of the loads that might need to be scrapped (ouch).

As part of our overhaul and repair service, our engineers can visit your site to locate and repair leaks to vacuum furnaces or autoclaves before they impact production, saving yourself significant downtime and future maintenance costs.

Committed to keeping your operations running

You now know what our overhaul and repair service covers — but how do we deliver it?

We have long believed that manufacturers today need to be able to ensure quality in every process. For much of the industry, that brings to mind the product. But in order for us to deliver on our commitment to help our customers achieve perfect production and keep their operations running, the integrity of the services we deliver is also paramount.

After many years of overhauling and repairing our customers’ machines, we’ve consistently shown that by adding new technology and reconfiguring existing equipment, significant savings can be achieved — all the while maintaining or improving performance.

We do so professionally, working closely with every customer to respect their site regulations, particularly in these trying times. All our technicians have undergone extensive training, both on-site and at our dedicated training facility, and today we are recognised as having one of the largest teams of skilled engineers in Western Europe.

“The integrity of VFE’s services is paramount, as is our ability to reassure our customers that they’re in safe hands. Across the industry, there are lots of salespeople making promises they can’t deliver. VFE is thriving because our customers do trust us. We’re here to help.” Adrian Goodbrand, Director of Sales and Marketing, VFE

With over three decades of industry experience, we’re ideally placed to offer our expertise in the redesign, overhaul, and repair of any type, make, or age of vacuum furnace or autoclave.

So save time, reduce costs, and take back control of your operations in this challenging time with the overhauls or repairs your plant needs to keep your operations running.

Got a question about our overhaul and repair services? Click the button below and we’ll be in touch to help you find the answers you’re looking for. 

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