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3 Technology Solutions to Rising Energy Costs Across Your Manufacturing Operations

24 March 2022 / NEWS

Rising energy costs threaten production across the UK. Could these three solutions help you to minimise energy wastage and future-proof your operations?

3 Ways Routine Vacuum Pump Servicing Benefits Your Operations

21 March 2022 / NEWS

Routine servicing is vital for maintaining vacuum pump performance and the smooth running of your operations. Discover why it’s so important and how VFE can help. 

5 Manufacturing Innovations to Unlock Operational Potential

17 March 2022 / NEWS

Discover five types of innovations that are helping manufacturers to drive efficiency, reduce costs, unlock operational potential and deliver state-of-the-art production.

5 Types of Industrial Vacuum Pumps and How They Work

08 March 2022 / NEWS

Learn from VFE, now a part of the Busch Vacuum Solutions group, about the various different types of industrial vacuum pumps available today and how they function.

The Single Best Reason to Service Your Vacuum Pumps

22 February 2022 / NEWS

Discover the single best reason to service your vacuum pumps and how VFE, as part of the global Busch group of vacuum pump specialists, can help you.

Vacuum Pump Servicing: Boost Your Operations with VFE’s Expanded Capabilities

04 February 2022 / NEWS

As part of the global Busch group, we’ve expanded our range of vacuum pump services to make your maintenance easier and your operations more efficient. 

Budgeting in Manufacturing: Fix Future Costs Now with a Multiple-Year ServiceCare Contract

31 January 2022 / NEWS

Combat rising inflation and future-proof costs with a multiple-year ServiceCare contract, reducing overheads and improving the profitability of your operations.

3 Ways VFE's Calibration Services Are Helping Manufacturers to Keep Their Operations Running

17 January 2022 / NEWS

Learn what existing customers are saying about VFE’s calibration services and how your operations could benefit from a VFE-administered calibration schedule.

How Confident Are You in Your Company’s Calibration Procedures?

10 January 2022 / NEWS

How confident are you in your company’s calibration procedure and could external support from a specialist provider improve the quality of your operations?

How Routine Furnace Calibrations Can Reduce Production Costs

04 January 2022 / NEWS

Across sectors, manufacturers can reduce production costs and improve their businesses by implementing routine calibrations throughout their operations.