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Know what to look for and how to recognise if your vacuum furnaces could perform better once they’ve been repaired and/or upgraded by one of our technical engineers.  

Dismissed a furnace overhaul as unnecessary? Or maybe you’re interested in upgrading your machines but you’re not sure how, or which furnaces will benefit most. 

Knowing how to spot if your machine will benefit from an overhaul will help you to invest your budget in the right place and drive the biggest performance improvement. In some cases, it can also help you to keep your machines — and your production — compliant.

Read on to discover what those signs look like and which of your machines you should prioritise for an overhaul to deliver the best results and keep your operations running. 

Below are just some of the questions to ask yourself if you’re considering an upgrade. Download our overhaul checklist today to self-qualify your equipment for an overhaul.


Your furnaces no longer comply with current legislation

Legislation evolves all the time but the same can’t be said for the machines beholden to it. 

This isn’t always a problem; often, a furnace’s existing specifications will be enough for it to maintain compliance in line with whatever changes have been set out. But sometimes they won’t.

  • Perhaps your product simply cannot meet heightened quality standards using your furnace’s current capabilities.

  • Perhaps those capabilities introduce now-unacceptable levels of risk.

  • Perhaps waste levels are no longer compliant with industry targets.

When changes to legislation outpace a furnace’s performance capabilities, an overhaul can be an effective way to maintain quality control and keep your operations above board.


  • Is my equipment compliant with current legislation (e.g. PUWER)?

  • Is the quality of my product in specification? 

  • Are my instruments and sensors in calibration?

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Your furnaces are unreliable

One of the most obvious reasons to overhaul a furnace is when its performance drops.

It’s normal to think that your routine servicing covers all your maintenance requirements. But sometimes performance deteriorates between services, or a machine breaks down unexpectedly.

An overhaul is more than just a repair; it’s an opportunity to level up your operations, reduce risk, keep your production reliable, and improve your maintenance strategy, at a time when everything else across the supply chain seems to be in a near-constant state of flux.


  • Are all the safety interlocks on the equipment operating correctly?
  • Is the oil in my vacuum pumps the correct colour and specification?
  • Is the correct pressure being achieved within the process time?

Did you know VFE overhauls control systems, hot zones, graphitic hot zones, and metallic hot zones?

Your furnaces aren’t up to date with the latest technical specifications

Those flashy new features or enhanced capabilities aren’t locked behind an expensive new furnace. 

Overhauling your existing equipment with upgraded parts can really level up your operations — without wiping out your budget in the process.

If you’re running older models and recognise the benefits of an upgrade, or if a cutting-edge part has just hit the market and you want to stay competitive, or if the manufacturer no longer supports spares for your particular make of furnace, a one-off overhaul could help.


  • Is my equipment meeting its KPI targets?
  • Can I get spare parts for the system easily?
  • Would upgrading parts of the furnace improve performance?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself if you’re considering an upgrade. Download our overhaul checklist today to self-qualify your equipment for an overhaul.

the ultimate overhaul checklist