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3-4 NOV: Join VFE at This Year’s Advanced Engineering Industry Reunion

18 October 2022 / NEWS

Learn more about this year’s Advanced Engineering gathering, including when it is, what to expect, and why to join us there.

5 Types of Industrial Vacuum Pumps and How They Work

08 March 2022 / NEWS

Learn from VFE, now a part of the Busch Vacuum Solutions group, about the various different types of industrial vacuum pumps available today and how they function.

Head of Sales Slater Jinkinson on What to Expect from VFE’s Master’s Degree Support Programme

16 December 2021 / NEWS

Head of Sales Slater Jinkinson shares his experiences on the VFE Master’s Degree support programme. Read on to find out what he’s learned and how he’s benefitting.

3 Ways to Reduce Heat Treatment Costs in 2022

18 November 2021 / NEWS

An interview with Slater Jinkinson, Head of Sales at Vacuum Furnace Engineering (VFE)