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3 Ways Routine Vacuum Pump Servicing Benefits Your Operations

21 March 2022 /

Routine servicing is vital for maintaining vacuum pump performance and the smooth running of your operations. Discover why it’s so important and how VFE can help. 

While reduced downtime is the single best reason to service your vacuum pumps, there are several other ways that routine vacuum pump servicing will benefit your operations.

What are those benefits and how could choosing a specialist vacuum pump service provider help you to improve your vacuum pump performance and keep your operations running?

To learn more about simplifying your heat treatment servicing plans and solving your maintenance challenges, download our free guide now.

To learn more about simplifying your heat treatment servicing plans and solving  your maintenance challenges, download our free guide now.

3 ways routine vacuum servicing benefits your operations

1. Boosted efficiency

Routine vacuum pump servicing is important to maintain optimum performance. Even new, top of the line equipment will suffer inefficiencies if it isn’t regularly inspected and serviced. Most notably, this can lead to energy wastage, reduced performance, and increased operating costs. In some cases, these inefficiencies can threaten compliance. A routine inspection schedule will keep your pumps in top condition and ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency.

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2. Increased equipment reliability

Production must go on — especially when you’re accountable for it doing so. Unreliable equipment — in this case, vacuum pumps — threatens this, increasing risk across your operations. You may be confident in the warranties and various other protections built into your vacuum pumps, but it’s likely those warranties are dependent on you taking good care of your equipment through routine servicing.

As well as ensuring that your vacuum pumps are operating at optimal performance, planned, preventative servicing and maintenance reduce the risk of them breaking, giving you operational security and peace of mind that your machines can be relied on to run smoothly. 

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3. Quality assurance

The importance of quality control can’t be overstated. The quality of your output depends on high-quality equipment and machinery to manufacture them. Wear and tear is inevitable, particularly in equipment subjected to the kinds of forces that vacuum pumps experience. Routine servicing helps to maintain that quality. 

  • Can you confidently say your vacuum pumps are performing to specification?
  • Can you trust the quality of the service and the engineers conducting it?
  • If parts need replacing, can you guarantee the spares will be selected and installed correctly by a certified technician experienced with your pump type?

Learn more about creating a culture of quality across your operations.


Booking a service from a vacuum pump specialist

For the above reasons and more, it’s important to arrange a routine maintenance inspection for all your vacuum pumps to be carried out at regular intervals. If this is beyond your existing in-house capabilities or you don’t have the capacity across your team to commit to such a schedule, VFE (of the global Busch Vacuum Solutions group) can help.

As a Busch vacuum specialist, VFE is now able to offer an expanded range of vacuum pump services to maintain your pumps, improve your business, and keep your operations running.

Busch’s reputation as a vacuum specialist extends worldwide. Since 1963, their engineers have been servicing and repairing vacuum pumps around the globe. Coupled with VFE’s reputation for excellence within the advanced manufacturing sector, we’re able to guarantee a first-rate service and quality assurances that your vacuum pumps are in expert hands.


Do you already hold a ServiceCare agreement or other planned, preventative maintenance contract with us? It couldn’t be easier to add vacuum pump servicing to your contract, delivered at flexible service intervals and fixed prices up to a five-year period.

Learn more about our multiple-year fixed price ServiceCare contracts.


Should any maintenance or repair work be required, we sell all the spares necessary to ensure optimum pump performance and warranty compliance. And if you opt for a servicing contract, we offer 24/7 breakdown cover for an extra layer of protection into your operations.

With three sites dedicated to pump overhauls across the UK and Busch’s network of local specialists around the world, our engineers are never far away when you need us. Book your vacuum pump service today to improve your business and keep your operations running. 

In this free guide, learn how to simplify your heat treatment servicing plans  and solve your maintenance challenges.

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