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The Single Best Reason to Service Your Vacuum Pumps

22 February 2022 /

Discover the single best reason to service your vacuum pumps and how VFE, as part of the global Busch group of vacuum pump specialists, can help you.

There’s no time like the new year to review and renew essential service contracts. Vacuum pump servicing should number amongst them. As part of the global Busch group of vacuum specialists, VFE has recently launched a new, expanded range of vacuum pump services to help improve your business.

(Read this article for more information about what we now offer and how your operations will benefit.)

There are lots of ways that investing in a specialist vacuum pump service will improve your production, but unplanned downtime stands out head and shoulders above the rest as being critical to your operation’s productivity. When a pump fails, production follows suit.

What does downtime look like when a pump fails? How is your production impacted and what steps have we taken here at VFE, now that we can draw on Busch’s globally recognised vacuum expertise, to help make sure your operations are protected?

In this free guide, learn how to simplify your heat treatment servicing plans and solve your maintenance challenges.

The cost of unplanned downtime

We all know how costly downtime can be, but until it happens to you it can be difficult to know what that feels like. As a result, it’s not uncommon for operators to put it from their minds when really, preventative measures such as vacuum pump servicing and other routine services will go a long way towards making sure those costs never land on your desk.

  • Paused production as the result of a faulty vacuum pump greatly reduces output.
  • Next, there’s the cost of emergency callouts and essential repairs to the pump itself.
  • Consider also how much production will lose from having to scrap a critical load. For some applications, this can run into excess of £100K.

A vacuum pump service from a specialist provider will minimise the risk of an emergency pump failure. As well as being good housekeeping, this could save operations thousands.

Discover five early warning signs that a pump needs servicing.

The ROI of specialist vacuum pump services

Compared to these unplanned costs, investing in routine vacuum pump servicing delivers significant returns against the potential outgoings and losses highlighted above.

The cost of planned, routine maintenance can be budgeted for. It can be built into forecasts and most providers offer fixed-rate benefits for multi-year contracts. At VFE, all our customers can tailor their ServiceCare plans as standard to suit their needs.

There are lots of other ways that routine vacuum pump services deliver ROI, including: 

  • extended equipment lifespan and a reduced need for having to purchase new equipment
  • keeping equipment running without interruption, ensuring that projects get completed in time and on budget
  • reduced energy consumption and operating costs
  • increased resale value of the equipment with a proper service record
  • increased equity and borrowing power by up keeping the value of your assets
  • reduced injuries and fatalities, and therefore liability, due to faulty equipment
  • maximised warranty coverage by having detailed service records to demonstrate that maintenance is up to date

A faulty pump can incur non-financial costs, too. Consider the personal costs of production failure. Most operators take great pride in the smooth running and the efficiency of their operations. Machine maintenance plays an important role in maintaining that reputation.

It couldn’t be easier for new customers to sign up for a recurring vacuum pump service or for existing customers to add vacuum pump maintenance into their current ServiceCare plan.

Discover how you could fix future costs today with a multi-year ServiceCare plan from VFE.

Reduce the risk of downtime today with VFE and Busch

A regular visual inspection by an accountable person will ensure the routine maintenance is carried out properly. But how competent is the person inspecting your pumps? Can they spot the warning signs of pump failure and whether or not a pump is operating correctly? Their ability to do so has a great bearing on how well they’re able to maintain your equipment.

Investing in vacuum pump servicing from a third-party provider might seem like an additional cost, but when the skills and expertise of vacuum pump servicing engineers is weighed against the costs and risks of a sub-par service, the benefits are clear.

Since 1963, Busch has helped to improve businesses around the world through its specialist vacuum pump services. In that time, Busch has built up a global reputation for service excellence on its mission to create the highest value and maintain the highest standards for its customers. As part of the Busch group, we can now draw on that world-leading experience — and the teams that deliver it — to offer an expanded range of vacuum pump services and products to VFE customers around the world. 

Don’t wait around for pump failure to pause your productions. Start the year the right way with a routine vacuum pump service contract and take confidence in the knowledge that your pumps – and your production — is in safe hands for the foreseeable future.

In this free guide, learn how to simplify your heat treatment servicing plans and solve your maintenance challenges.

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