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VFE, The Growth Story — 2015 to 2021

12 August 2021 / NEWS

CEO David Byrne shares VFE’s growth story from a traditional manufacturer to a service-first business committed to keeping its customers’ operations running.

The Road to Recovery: Preparing Your Operations to Ramp Up Post-COVID

15 June 2021 / NEWS

As lockdown restrictions loosen, many manufacturers are ramping up production. Are your operations ready?

The Benefits of Investing in a Bespoke Atmosphere Oven or Furnace

24 May 2021 / NEWS

Whether or not you choose to invest in bespoke or a second-hand process equipment will depend on your budget and operations. If you find a used atmosphere oven or furnace that meets your...

How a Year of Innovation Has Helped Our Customers Keep Their Operations Running

20 May 2021 / NEWS

VFE expands its range of services and products to offer our customers increased value and help them to keep their operations running throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

7 Reasons to Service and Calibrate Your Atmosphere Ovens and Furnaces

17 May 2021 / NEWS

VFE takes all the hassle out of your atmosphere oven and furnace servicing. 

VFE's CEO David Byrne on the Importance of Service Excellence in Manufacturing

10 December 2020 / NEWS

An interview with Vacuum Furnace Engineering’s (VFE) CEO, David Byrne

VFE’s Secret to Achieving Perfect Production

21 August 2020 / NEWS

Modern heat treatment technology is a triumph of engineering. Many industries depend on its applications to achieve precision manufacturing and drive production at scale. However, as David Byrne, CEO...

VFE heat treatment industry equipment servicing - VFE cycles for SAM

06 July 2020 / NEWS

A team of VFE cyclists are getting on their bikes in aid of Spin Against Motor Neurone Disease. Over nine days from 10th to 19th July 2020 they will cycle the equivalent distance of Lands’ End to...

VFE supports Master’s Degree programme

26 May 2020 / NEWS

VFE, Europe’s leading vacuum furnace and service support provider, is investing in the personal development of its employees with a Master’s Degree support programme. The training initiative reflects...

VFE invests in Engineering training

21 April 2020 / NEWS

Engineering training VFE, UK’s leading vacuum furnace, autoclave and service support provider, is investing in engineering training now and for the future with a new state-of-the art training...