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How Our Partnership with NCH Chem-Aqua Is Helping Our Customers to Improve Their Operations

25 March 2021 /

Water treatment should form a key part of a site’s planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule for heat treatment equipment. To help our customers protect these critical systems against the effects of poor water quality, VFE has partnered with NCH Chem-Aqua, one of the world’s leading water treatment solution providers, to offer our customers in-depth technical guidance and process water system treatment and management services.

Read on to find out more about NCH Chem-Aqua, how effective Water Treatment helps protect our customers’ operations and how your site could benefit.

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Who are NCH Chem-Aqua?

NCH Chem-Aqua delivers best-in-class water treatment programmes and maintenance solutions that protect a site’s critical systems and lower the total cost of operation. 

NCH Chem-Aqua provides technical expertise, as well as a vast range of products and solutions to help keep businesses operating by minimising downtime, extending the life of machinery and reducing costs. Echoing our own commitment to innovation, Chem-Aqua's New Science & Technology R&D Group are continually pushing boundaries to expand NCH Chem-Aqua’s solutions range and bring its customers optimum performance.

“With cutting-edge innovation, industry expertise and bespoke quality solutions, we have the tools to help our customers’ meet their operational objectives.” NCH Chem-Aqua

Its focus on industrial businesses, coupled with its people’s in-depth knowledge, attention to detail and technical expertise, makes NCH Chem-Aqua an ideal partner for VFE. Together, we are committed to helping our customers reduce costs, boost efficiencies, improve safety and keep their businesses running through a combination of proven water treatment methods.

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The benefits of Water Treatment

Poor water quality and treatment can damage operations in many different ways. You can read more about the signs of water damage and the issues it can inflict on critical heat treatment systems here. So how does a site stand to benefit from our in-depth technical guidance and process water system treatment and management services?

Our technically advanced solutions provide system owners and operators with accurate results they can trust. Get a clear understanding of the quality of the water, its key characteristics, how they will affect — or are already affecting — the equipment, and the appropriate chemical treatments. Satisfy auditors and have confidence in the precision of the findings generated. 

Control and manage critical, water-cooled systems and associated equipment better, improving efficiencies, reducing risk, and building resilience into core heat treatment processes. 

Maintain healthy water systems that run efficiently with increased plant longevity. This leads to reduced water and maintenance costs and minimises the total cost of ownership, all the while ensuring safer and more reliable operations.

Reduce OPEX (operating expenses) and reactive CAPPEX (capital expenditure) linked to system damage from poor water quality, giving maintenance managers greater control over costs and improving the long-term profitability of operations.

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Our Water Treatment and Management Services explained

To help our customers unlock the benefits of healthy water services, VFE provides assistance with water treatment quality and adopted treatment programme based on local water quality, system design and its operation. 

On a day-to-day basis, our Integrated Monitoring and Management System (IMS), designed by NCH Chem-Aqua, offers real-time monitoring and control with automated chemical adjustment. This enables the continuous monitoring of key water characteristics, giving our customers peace of mind that out-of-specification issues can be corrected immediately and critical treatment chemical levels are maintained, supporting compliance and performance. 

We will also provide follow-up service reports detailing a breakdown of water quality sample analysis and the results. This includes a fully detailed report on any recommendations for improving the system water quality in order to prevent future corrosion and microbiological contamination, providing a roadmap to follow for effective water management. 

Water treatment is simple to maintain but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. With an IMS in place and a PPM schedule set up, quality and maintenance managers can be confident that their machines — and their operations — are running cleaner than ever.

To ask about our free, on-site water system health and cleanliness review with detailed chemistry and microbiological analysis, or to request a comprehensive Water Treatment Survey, click the image below and get in touch.

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