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How Confident Are You in Your Company’s Calibration Procedures?

10 January 2022 / NEWS

How confident are you in your company’s calibration procedure and could external support from a specialist provider improve the quality of your operations?

How Routine Furnace Calibrations Can Reduce Production Costs

04 January 2022 / NEWS

Across sectors, manufacturers can reduce production costs and improve their businesses by implementing routine calibrations throughout their operations.

Head of Sales Slater Jinkinson on What to Expect from VFE’s Master’s Degree Support Programme

16 December 2021 / NEWS

Head of Sales Slater Jinkinson shares his experiences on the VFE Master’s Degree support programme. Read on to find out what he’s learned and how he’s benefitting.

Green Manufacturing: How VFE Is Helping Advanced Manufacturers to Reach Net Zero

10 December 2021 / NEWS

How is VFE helping a growing number of advanced manufacturers realise significant financial and environmental benefits from sustainable business practices? 

3 Ways to Reduce Heat Treatment Costs in 2022

18 November 2021 / NEWS

An interview with Slater Jinkinson, Head of Sales at Vacuum Furnace Engineering (VFE)

Ramping Up for 2022: How to Prepare Your Operations and Stay Ahead

12 November 2021 / NEWS

Set out your roadmap for the year ahead and learn what steps VFE is taking to help our customers and the wider advanced manufacturing industry do the same. 

Investment Casting Equipment to Optimise Your Casting Operations [Product List]

08 November 2021 / NEWS

Discover which casting furnace features will optimise your equipment, drive up operational efficiencies and future-proof your investment casting process.

Two Cost-effective Ways to Upgrade Your Casting Furnace

03 November 2021 / NEWS

Discover two cost-effective ways of upgrading your casting furnace operations and improving the efficiency of your vacuum precision investment casting process.

3-4 NOV: Join VFE at This Year’s Advanced Engineering Industry Reunion

29 October 2021 / NEWS

Learn more about this year’s Advanced Engineering gathering, including when it is, what to expect, and why to join us there.

The Investment Casting Process Explained

26 October 2021 / NEWS

Learn about the investment casting process and how you could apply it to your operations to improve the quality and finish of your output.