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VFE's Refurbished Processing Equipment Warranty: What Does It Cover?

14 September 2022 / NEWS

Have the peace of mind that your machines and your operations are warranty-protected when you refurbish your processing equipment with VFE.

The Benefits to Buying Refurbished Processing Equipment

18 August 2022 / NEWS

Have you dismissed refurbished processing equipment as not being fit for purpose? There are actually many benefits to buying used, reconditioned equipment.

Exactly How Reliable Is Refurbished Processing Equipment?

10 August 2022 / NEWS

Buying refurbished processing equipment over new can really help you to stretch your budget. But will used equipment stand up to the rigours of your operations?

Don't Believe These 7 Common Refurbished Processing Equipment Misconceptions

01 August 2022 / NEWS

Don’t be fooled by these common refurbished processing equipment misconceptions. They could be all that’s standing between you and a more cost-effective operation.

Management & Control Systems: The Modern Solution to Manufacturing Process Monitoring

27 June 2022 / NEWS

Modernise your operations and improve the safety of your processing equipment with a management and control system, suitable for autoclaves and vacuum furnaces.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in Manufacturing [with Examples]

20 June 2022 / NEWS

Manufacturers are exploring a range of avenues to adapt their operations and deliver their net-zero strategy. Discover how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Process Change Procedures Manufacturers Are Making to Increase Efficiency [And How to Adopt Them Across Your Own Operations]

17 June 2022 / NEWS

Discover the process change procedures that manufacturers are making to increase efficiency across their operations.

3 Ways Routine Vacuum Pump Servicing Benefits Your Operations

21 March 2022 / NEWS

Routine servicing is vital for maintaining vacuum pump performance and the smooth running of your operations. Discover why it’s so important and how VFE can help.

5 Manufacturing Innovations to Unlock Operational Potential

17 March 2022 / NEWS

Discover five types of innovations that are helping manufacturers to drive efficiency, reduce costs, unlock operational potential and deliver state-of-the-art production.

5 Types of Industrial Vacuum Pumps and How They Work

08 March 2022 / NEWS

Learn from VFE, now a part of the Busch Vacuum Solutions group, about the various different types of industrial vacuum pumps available today and how they function.