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Making Heat Treatment More Efficient: The Story Behind VFE’s Partnership With RoMan

17 November 2020 / NEWS

An interview with VFE’s Head of Projects, Michael Jones

How to Maximise the Efficiency of Your Heat-Treatment Process

05 November 2020 / NEWS

Efficiency is the wheel on which production turns. Across sectors, understanding how to maximise it is key to driving up the value of your output and minimising production costs.  

Remote Monitoring: A Practical Solution to Today’s Manufacturing Challenges

03 November 2020 / NEWS

The challenges driving innovation across manufacturing are age-old: efficiency, compliance, safety. But 2020 has exacerbated these, with important new guidelines for health and safety at work making...

11 Advantages of the Electron-Beam Welding Process

29 October 2020 / NEWS

On the quest to produce higher quality welded products and increase efficiency, manufacturers around the world are waking up to the advantages of electron-beam (EB) technology. 

How to Reduce Your Risk by Calculating the Measurement Uncertainty

10 October 2020 / NEWS

It is not possible to make a true, perfect measurement. Many factors combine to skew a measurement, and a great deal of effort is necessary to identify all these contributing factors and how they...

How to Reduce Your Vacuum Furnace's Energy Consumption in Just 3 Days

07 October 2020 / NEWS

When starting up or shutting down a vacuum furnace manually, all the vacuum pumping systems need to be activated or deactivated in exactly the right sequence. One wrong step on behalf of the operator...

3 Advantages of More Energy-Efficient Vacuum Furnaces

24 September 2020 / NEWS

In any large-scale production, the cost benefits of a more energy-efficient process are clearly visible. Magnified by the scale of the operations, even small improvements in energy efficiency can...

The Hidden Benefits of a Reliable Furnace Calibration Process

10 September 2020 / NEWS

The benefits of a reliable furnace calibration extend well beyond compliance. Cost savings through enhanced energy efficiency, increased productivity through shorter processing times, improved...

VFE’s Solution to the Engineering Shortage Crisis

07 September 2020 / NEWS

There’s a challenge facing the UK vacuum furnace engineering market, one which extends well beyond those that 2020 has thrown at industries worldwide. It can be summarised as a shortage of skilled...

How to Correctly Perform a System Accuracy Test and Stay Compliant

28 August 2020 / NEWS

Despite the challenges that the past several months have thrown at industries around the world, maintaining the accuracy of their heat treatment equipment remains a key responsibility for quality and...