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Vacuum Pump Servicing: Boost Your Operations with VFE’s Expanded Capabilities

04 February 2022 /

As part of the global Busch group, we’ve expanded our range of vacuum pump services to make your maintenance easier and your operations more efficient. 

Since 2015, VFE’s customers have invested in the technical expertise of our engineers to service and repair their vacuum pumps. In this time, we’ve worked on every make and model of vacuum pump imaginable on our journey to keep our customers’ operations running.

But we couldn’t be everywhere at once, and sometimes our customers’ operations called for more than planned, preventative maintenance. Now, as part of the global Busch Vacuum Solutions group, we’re able to deliver those services, worldwide, to the same exacting standards that we hold ourselves to across all our other product and service offerings.

Busch is one of the world’s largest producers of vacuum pumps and systems. Moreover, the Busch group has been delivering vacuum pump solutions to its customers since 1963. What do our expanded vacuum pump capabilities look like and how could your operations benefit? 

In this free guide, learn how to simplify your heat treatment servicing plans  and solve your maintenance challenges.

What did we offer before?

Up until now, customers have been able to rely on us for routine vacuum pump servicing. Whatever the make or model of pump, our experienced engineers have seen it before and plans could be tailored to meet each customer’s requirements, from the frequency of visits to the level of service. We even provided detailed maintenance records revealing exactly what’s gone on. As a result, advanced manufacturers from every industry, based at sites across the UK, have been invested in our teams to make their maintenance easier.

Additionally, for customers who needed it, we offered factory overhauls and major pump services from our specialist workshop. We were also able to provide refurbished pumps, helping our customers to equip new sites or expand operations with parts they can rely on.

None of our existing services have gone away. Customers who trust us to visit their sites for routine pump maintenance as part of existing ServiceCare agreements, or carry out factory overhauls to bring their pumps up to specifications, won’t notice a difference, except that we can now provide an even greater range of pump products and services to suit their needs.    

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Update: how can you benefit from our vacuum pump services now?

The biggest benefit to our customers, now that we’re part of the Busch group, is that we’ve become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of vacuum pumps. What does this mean? In short, our customers can now source brand new vacuum pumps through us directly. While the refurbishment route will still benefit many manufacturers, others will find they can unlock new efficiencies and greater performance with custom vacuum pumps designed using the widest range of vacuum technologies available today.

As part of the Busch group, we now have multiple sites across the UK dedicated to pump overhauls. Customers might notice we can take on more refurbishments at shorter notice, or they might simply benefit from having a more convenient location closer to them.

And it’s not just UK manufacturers who will benefit. Busch’s footprint is big, meaning we can now support our global customers with local labour and contacts all over the world.

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Making maintenance easier and your operations smoother

The benefits don’t stop there. In addition to everything we’ve already outlined, our new relationship with Busch has unlocked a range of service opportunities for our customers: 

  • Service exchange

  • Rental pumps

  • Loan pumps

  • Condition monitoring of pumps

  • Extended warranties (12 months)

  • 24/7 breakdown support

  • Flexible payment plans

  • A larger service team

Production won’t get very far if your pump fails you. The best way to reduce risk and minimise downtime is to stay on top of your vacuum pump services and maintenance — or, if you’re setting up new operations, sourcing the right pump for the job from day one.

We understand that routine maintenance can be a headache, especially at a site-wide level (never mind managing and maintaining multi-site operations!), which is why we make every effort to offer vacuum pump servicing plans tailored to you and your circumstances. 

Wherever you are, whenever you need us, a ServiceCare plan designed to include your vacuum pump maintenance means our engineers are never more than a phone call away from your operations (and closer still with our remote monitoring systems installed).

We hope you’re as excited as we are to make use of your new service options, improving your business, optimising production and helping to keep your operations running.

In this free guide, learn how to simplify your heat treatment servicing plans and solve your maintenance challenges.

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