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Looking for Autoclave Support? Why Choose Our Premier Service Package

21 June 2021 /

Simplify your industrial autoclave maintenance with VFE’s range of support packages.

The right support package will keep your business compliant and your operations running. But finding and committing to a service agreement that suits you is easier said than done. 

What does the package guarantee you? How frequently will your autoclaves be serviced? Who’s providing the service and can they carry out any necessary repair and calibration work too or will you need to make alternative arrangements with yet another provider?

There’s a lot to consider, and the wrong decision can create more work than it solves. To keep your maintenance responsibilities simple and your operations running smoothly, we offer a range of autoclave support packages, tailored to each of our customers’ individual requirements. Read on to discover how your maintenance schedule could benefit.

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Standard Support Package

Maintain your autoclaves at optimum performance, minimise machine downtime and remain compliant with our Standard Support Package.

Our Service Agreements can be up to five years in term at a fixed cost and will include a number of planned, preventative maintenance visits a year. During each of these routine visits, the autoclave and associated equipment are subject to a comprehensive range of checks to ensure optimum performance, industry compliance and minimum downtime.

All our process equipment support packages can be tailored to each individual customer, meaning that from the frequency of our visits to the option to include additional services and add-ons, we can create a preventative maintenance contract suited to your operations.

In addition to the above, users of our Standard Support Package will benefit from:

Remote Fault Diagnostics – via telephone if direct link is not possible

With Remote Fault Diagnostics at their fingertips, our certified engineers will be able to get to the bottom of any issues your autoclaves are experiencing without first having to visit your site and diagnose the problem in person. Compared to many other support packages on the market, this saves you time, money and peace of mind that we’re here when you need us.

Preferential rates for additional labour days

If additional labour days are required in the future, the Standard Support Package guarantees you preferential rates, keeping your costs down and your budget free.

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Office hours technical support line

Finally, you’ll have access to a technical support line (available standard office hours), because there’s nothing quite like having accredited technical support beside you if something goes wrong.

The Standard Support Package will keep your autoclaves in prime condition so that they operate correctly, efficiently and above all accurately, in accordance with all the relevant health and safety legislation.

However, if your site is large, you are responsible for multi-site operations, or you have particularly sensitive/complex production requirements, you may benefit more from our Premier Service Package for autoclave support.

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Choose Premier Package for unrivalled autoclave support

There are several advantages to choosing our Premier Service Package for your autoclave maintenance and servicing. In addition to Remote Fault Diagnostics and preferential rates, the Premium Service Package includes the following benefits, offering superior cover in the event of a breakdown or machine failure:

24/7 dedicated technical support line

The more autoclaves you have in operation, the greater the risk that they’ll run into problems outside of traditional working hours. With your support line extended to 24/7 coverage, you’re never more than a phone call away from an experienced engineer who will quickly help you to resolve the issue or advise the best course of action — whatever the time or day.

Priority breakdown support and management

When a machine breaks or has to be taken offline and remote support isn’t enough, the Premier Service Package guarantees you priority breakdown support and management. A dedicated service engineer will visit your site to inspect and fix your machines first-hand, drawing from the diagnostics gathered and our comprehensive stock of parts and spares to bring your autoclaves back to optimum performance and compliance.

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Guaranteed on-site response within 24 hours (UK) or dispatch of an engineer within 24 hours (rest of the world)

We understand that every minute your autoclaves are down costs your business. So when you contact us for an on-site visit, we’ll commit to an on-site response within 24 hours in the UK or the dispatch of an engineer within 24 hours for the rest of the world.

This is a promise from us to you that wherever you are, we’ll move as quickly as possible to get on-site and fix the problem so you can get your operations up and running again.

Additional autoclave support to keep your operations running

Just because an autoclave is a complex machine, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for overly complicated maintenance schedules. To keep your supplier list small (and your maintenance simple), we offer a range of add-ons and additional services, all of which can be incorporated into your autoclave support package for your convenience.

Whether you choose the Standard Support Package or the Premier VFE Service Package, the engineer visiting your site can carry out any of the below services when servicing your autoclaves, reducing the need for additional maintenance or multiple call-outs:

Most of the time, when people talk about maintenance, they mean one of two things: the routine autoclave support you need to keep your machines healthy and emergency support for when the unimaginable happens and operations go down. 

At VFE, we can help you to manage both in a simple ServiceCare package tailored to your operational needs. Whether your site is more suited to the Standard Support Package or our premium offering, we’re here to help make your maintenance easier and your operations better.

For more information about any of our autoclave support packages, get in touch.

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